March 30, 2008

Stumble! improved your shearchs in leisure time.

A few days ago, when I reinstalled some Add-ons of Firefox I discovered Stumble!. With this application I get better result to find better web pages,when I'm bored and I want to find information about some issue but I don't know what thing I want specific to search. Normally, a solution was Google but in many cases the results just limited by how you can make a "good redaction of words" to get specific page and many people agree with me in that when somebody has free time, he can't think in specific ideas. Whereas, with this add-on simply you set some topics and automatically you get the better web pages, from best of democratic entertainment critics, the people.


To install into Firefox simply get this plugin here! or go to Stumble! home page and share your favorites pages with the people!!!!!! Maybe one day I find a web recommended for you.

Here you can see some page that I find

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